•      Sat Jul 13 2024

Nepal scores 23 out of 40 in Vibrant Information Barometer

Kathmandu, June 26: Nepal’s information ecosystem has been evaluated as satisfactory, according to a report.

This information was shared while unveiling the findings of the “Vibrant Information Barometer (VIBE): National Report Nepal 2024”, a collaborative work of International Research and Exchange (IREX) and The Asia Foundation here today.

The country’s overall score stands at 23 out of 40 based on assessments from civil society representatives and media industry professionals.

Similarly, Lumbini Province’s score is 34 points while that of Madhesh Province is 22 points, as per the report.

The study focuses on four main principles: information quality, flow of information, consumption and engagement, and transformative impact. It involved a diverse team of experts who assessed Nepal’s information ecosystem using 20 indicators and 167 sub-indicators, as stated by key researcher Umesh Pokhrel.

During the event, Chief of the National Information Commission Mahendra Man Gurung said the constitution has guaranteed the Right to Information (RTI) Act, stressing every citizen’s right to timely access to accurate information.

He highlighted the report’s role in shaping policies, strategies, and laws in the information and communications sectors. The NIC is actively researching Nepal’s media ecosystem, he added.

Representatives Meghan Nalbo from The Asia Foundation and Ajay Das, Director of Civil Society and Media project discussed the implications of misinformation among citizens, underscoring the need for accurate information dissemination.

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