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New political alliance formed due to problems in the previous one: KP Sharma Oli

KP Sharma Oli

Kathmandu, March 13: CPN (UML) Chair KP Sharma Oli has said they formed the new alliance as there were problems in the previous ruling alliance.

Expressing his party’s support to the proposal seeking vote of confidence that Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ presented in the House of Representatives meeting today, the UML Chair said the government has been reconstituted as per the wish of the Prime Minister and with their backing since the alliance with the Nepali Congress became inconvenient.

He argued that it is not necessary to publicize that reconstitution of the government alone will pave the way towards political instability.

“The change of government is done on the basis of our need. We, the political parties of Nepal, have together carried out this work. PM Dahal is the main person in it and I am also his supporter. You can give us the credit for this. It is not necessary to link this to foreign or the neighbouring countries,” he clarified. Leader Oli further said PM Dahal has already explained why the current new situation came to be and why.

Stating that tendencies like undermining the national unity, spreading discord in society and taking it towards retrograde have been seen in the country in various names, the UML Chair called on all to forsake such things and move ahead for securing justice and equality by keeping the country at the centre.

He stressed on protecting and promoting the notion that the State is for the people of all geographies, castes and religions living here.

The UML parliamentary party leader Oli called on the parliament to be aware of the fact that the country cannot be developed by fomenting communal hatred, inviting anarchy and talking about regression.

Stating that there is no need for anyone to be panicked when someone else is ahead or back in the healthy competition as the competitive multi-party system is the dispensation that all the parties themselves have chosen, he urged the main opposition Nepali Congress not to be agitated and infuriated.

“A false propaganda has been spread that an unwritten agreement has been made by the new ruling alliance for taking turns in becoming the Prime Minister. We are not hungry for the power. Who remains in power and for how long is not important. One should carry out good works in favour of the people and the country while in government, this is the important thing. I have no desire for becoming the Prime Minister. The ruling side and the opposition side, let us come together and discuss on addressing the problems facing the country. Let us stop the misrule and take the nation towards economic prosperity,” the UML Chair reiterated.

He also emphasised on the occasion that his party was consistently committed to move forward on the issue of finalizing the laws related to the transitional justice on the basis of international principles, victim-friendly approach and the Supreme Court verdict. #Nepal

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