•      Mon Feb 26 2024

NRA chief directs reconstruction engineers not to leave duty stations

Bhaktapur, Sept 12: National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) chief executive officer Sushil Gyawali has said the house reconstruction grants would not be provided to the earthquake-affected people who figure in the list of beneficiaries if they failed to start constructing their houses by November 16, 2019.

Addressing a seminar on reconstruction of private houses organized by the NRA Bhaktapur District Project Implementation Unit here today, he reiterated that the beneficiaries who do not even lay the foundation of the house within November 16 will not get the housing grant amount.

The NRA chief urged the beneficiaries to start house construction so that they would be eligible to take the third tranche of the house construction grants within February 12, 2020.

He also instructed the engineers who are posted in the villages not to leave their duty station. “None of the engineers should leave the village in the name of various examinations and other pretexts. If you do not feel like working, take leave.

Mind you, please do not leave the village. Those engineers who leave the village and do not work in an effective way would be removed,” CEO Gyewali said.

He also instructed the chiefs of the ward level to the municipality not to allow engineers who do not go to work on a daily basis to sign on the attendance register.

The NRA chief said that the local people’s representatives and engineers should mobilize together and work in tandem in a planned manner regarding as to when the reconstruction works should be completed in their respective areas.

Stating that the NRA would find out the solution if the problems faced by the beneficiaries are reported to the higher offices considering the type of the problem, he said the NRA has moved forward by finding solution to most of the problems including the problem of multiple-ownership.

CEO Gyawali added that the NRA was facing many problems and challenges now due to the people’s representatives.

“The government has made a policy asking the local governments to send the name list of beneficiaries by trusting them. But in many instances, the people’s representatives in the local government have included the names of ineligible persons also in the list of beneficiaries they have recommended.

This has created problem to NRA, in vetting the genuine beneficiaries from the fake ones. Now, the people’s representatives themselves should cooperate to NRA by sending the names of the fake ones to the NRA in confidential manner,” he said.

Gyawali on the occasion directed the engineers to identify the situation and also the reason as to why the earthquake-affected people have not been able to take concessional loans up to Rs 300,000 with the government becoming the guarantor. He also urged the people’s representatives to assist in this task.

He also said if the fake beneficiaries, who have a house at next place other than their original place of birth and who are also not the earthquake affected, have built a house, then this type of anomaly would be identified and the first tranche of the housing grant which they have taken would be withdrawn.

However, in the case of the earthquake affected people who have not constructed their house for genuine reasons, their problem would be identified and a solution to it sought.

NRA Bhaktapur Unit chief Dhruba Gaida among others persons had given their presentations regarding the latest status of the reconstruction works in their respective work areas.