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Number of street children decreasing lately in Nepal

Street children in Kanchanpur. (file photo)

Kathmandu, Dec 15: The number of street children is coming down lately, thanks to the effective implementation of the Street Children Free campaign.

According to the Nepal National Child Rights Council’s Information Officer, Ram Bahadur Chand, the number of such children dwindled since the Street Children Free National Campaign launched in 2076 BS.

With this the number of children rescued from the street has also decreased, said Chand. Altogether 2,114 children were rescued from the street and rehabilitated from 2073 BS to Ashad of 2080 BS.

In the last fiscal year 2079/80 BS, a total of 126 children were rescued and rehabilitated, the Council Said.

Of the total 1,241 children rescued and rehabilitated in the last five years, 617 were reunited with their families while 765 were institutionally rehabilitated. Similarly, 214 children obtained skill-oriented training and 55 were self-employed.

The Council has been sheltering the rescued children in the Temporary Protection Service Centre and rehabilitating them later.

The campaign to make street free from unwanted children is being run effectively in leadership of the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens and Council’s coordination and technical support.

Similarly, the campaign has been supported by the Children at Risk Coordination Centre as well as provincial and local governments as well as various social organizations.

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