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Nuwakot’s Suryachour developing as a new tourism destination

Suryachaur (Nuwakot), July 5: Suryachaur (Suirechaur) of Nuwakot is developing as a new destination for domestic and foreign tourists. The virgin tourist place in Shivapuri Rural Municipality has started to be the choice of both external and domestic visitors of late.

Suryachaur is at an altitude of 2,000 meters from the sea level and the visitors can behold the beauty of various places in Kathmandu Valley and the landscape of Nuwakot. They can also enjoy the glimpse of the mountains like Ganesh, Manaslu and Annapurna from this place.

Recently, tourism entrepreneurs have started to increase their investment in this area as tourism activities have started growing.

The place is upgraded with the development of hotels and restaurants where the visitors may feel refreshed.

Tourism professionals are buying land and constructing sophisticated hotels and restaurants around the locality targeting the visitors in the recent days. Nepal Tourism Board Vice Chairman Kamal Sapkota, tourism entrepreneurs Rajan Singhda, JV Singh, Hemraj Baral and Krishna Ghimire have invested Rs. 70 million to build Suryachaur Nature Retreat.

The Rural Municipality chair Govinda Prasad Thapaliya shared that they were prioritizing the investment in agriculture and tourism development for the holistic development of the area.
“In addition to the natural resources within Shivapuri, the municipality has focused on the protection of the waterfalls and temples,” he said.

It is 13 kms far from Samakhushi Chowk in Kathmandu. RSS #Nepal

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