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One killed, three missing in Karnali River

Tuin in karnali
Residents of Sarkegaad Rural Municipality-2 Reep village of Humla using Tuin (rope) to cross Karnali river. In the absence of bridge here, people use Tuin to cross, fetch grass and firewood. (Photo: Dane Bohra/RSS)

DHANGADI: A person died while three others went missing when a boat capsized in Karnali River in Kailali district on Sunday.

Those missing were on the way to a Health Post at Chaukune Rural Municipality-4 of Surkhet from Mohanyal Rural Municipality in Kailali.

Those gone missing were Urmila Salami Magar, 20, of Mohanyal-3, her 10-days-old baby and Parbati Thapa from the same place, police said.

Among the 10 aboard, five have been rescued following the incident. Similarly, among the five others, three went missing; an infant sustained injuries; and one died on the way to hospital.

According to Bishwa Adhikari, Superintendent of Police at the District Police Office, Kailali, Dhansara Salami Magar, 19, of Mohanyal-3 was injured in the incident and died while being rushed to the hospital.

Her injured 10-month-old son was in a critical condition, police said. Police have intensified the search for the missing ones.

In lack of bridge in some places over the Karnali River, locals have been compelled to tread perilous journey across the River. —

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