•      Thu Jul 25 2024

PAC directs CIAA to initiate investigation into TERAMOCS purchase

Kathmandu, Dec 27: The Public Accounts Committee under the federal parliament has directed the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority to forward action after carrying out investigation on the issue of Telecommunications Traffic Monitoring and Fraud Control System (TERAMOCS) purchase.

A meeting of the Committee held on Wednesday asked the CIAA to submit the work progress details before the Committee within 30 days after conducting study on TERAMOCS purchase.

Committee Chairperson Rishikesh Pokharel shared that the Committee also directed the government to immediately stop the process of implementing TERAMOCS system. “The meeting directs the government, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and Nepal Telecommunications Authority not to enforce the technology and not to make additional payment because enforcement can not precede related law making”, mentioned Pokharel.

The meeting of the Public Account Committee held on October 13 had asked the Telecommunications Authority to provide all documents regarding purchase of TERAMOCS.

The study carried out after receiving the documents from Telecommunications Authority and extensive discussion in the Committee determined that the existing laws and policy-level arrangements were violated in course of buying the TERAMOCS.

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