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Panchkot getting international recognition, tourist hub: PM Dahal

Baglung, March 3: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that Panchkot in Baglung is gaining popularity inside and outside the country.

Speaking at the ‘Anantashree Brahmandiya Mahayagya’ organized in Panchkot on Saturday, he expressed his belief that Panchkot will contribute significantly to the overall development of Baglung. ” Panchkot and Shaligram Museum in Kundulefedi are popular religious and tourist destinations”, said Prime Minister Dahal, “conducting such mega religious events will increase the spiritual awareness of people about the importance of temples and shrines and help preservation of religion, customs and culture.”

Prime Minister Dahal also expressed the view that without spiritual thought in the present world, which is running after material development, there will be no permanent peace in the society.

On the occasion, he also praised the contribution of Swami Kamalanayanacharya, the founder of Sarwasidhidham Panchkot, in social transformation through religious knowledge. “I highly appreciate Swamiji’s contribution to the promotion of education, health, environment and other sectorsm and the development of Triveni region from Gajendramokshadham to Muktinath and Damodar Kunda,” he said.

The present government will give priority in the new financial year policies, programs and budget for the upgrading of the road connecting Mustang’s Korala transit through Baglung and Myagdi.

On the occasion, Swami Kamalanayanacharya called for the government’s support in the development of religious tourism. He said that Panchkot got a new look with the support and cooperation of the people and the government. Support of government agencies is necessary in the management of roads, water supply and parking in this area, he added.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has emphasized the transfer of education that is rich in skills. Culture and identity must not be forgotten while imparting education, he viewed.

Addressing the Anantashree Brahmandiya Mahayagya here today, PM Dahal shared cultural values have been transferred from Gurukul Bedbidhyashram running at different places of the country.

“Human resources produced from Gurukul Bedbidyashram are active to make the general community aware of the value and prestige of religious sites as well as protect and promote religion and culture”, he observed.#Nepal

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