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Parliament staffers crucial for effectiveness of parliament: Speaker

House Speaker Dev Raj Ghimire
House Speaker Dev Raj Ghimire (file photo)

Kathmandu, Dec 14: Speaker of the House of Representatives, Devraj Ghimire, has said that the effectiveness of the Parliament to a large extent relies in the competency and activeness of the employees.

In a message today on the occasion of the Federal Parliament Service Day, 2080, Speaker Ghimire said that it is the responsibility of the Nepal Federal Parliament Secretariat to ensure the necessary human resources, information, technology and physical materials to the Parliament.

The parliamentary service has been separated from civil service for effective performance of the service and to develop the parliamentary capacity and strength, so as to increase the effectiveness of oversight of the government, which is an important function of the partliament, he said.

Article 207 of the Constitution of Nepal provides for a secretariat to operate and manage the work of the federal parliament and that the establishment of such a secretariat and other related provisions shall be in accordance with the federal law.

The Parliament Service is a special, autonomous and professional service, which is run by a separate Act.

On this occasion, Speaker Ghimire also extended his best wishes to the staffers of the Federal Parliament Secretariat.

The Federal Parliament Service Day is observed every year on 28th of Mangsir in the Lunar calendar in commemoration of the formation of the Autonomous Parliament Service in the year 2058 BS.

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