•      Sat Jul 13 2024

Physical infrastructure and urban development in priority of Karnali government

Yam Lal Kandel

Surkhet, June 15: The Karnali province has prioritized physical and urban development for the upcoming fiscal year.

In the province government budget unveiled by the Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning, Mahendra KC, on Saturday, Rs 10.46 billion has been appropriated for the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Urban Development for the fiscal year 2081/82.

Budget amounting to Rs 2.86 billion has been allocated for the Ministry of Social Development.

Likewise, Rs 296.4 million has been appropriated for Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law; Rs 1.86 billion for the Ministry of Land Affairs and Agriculture and Rs 1.94 billion for Ministry of industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment. #nepal #karnali

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