•      Thu Jul 25 2024

PM Dahal calls for collaboration is developing federal laws

Kathmandu, Dec 10: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that the government is seriously engaged in formulation of federal laws necessary for the implementation of federalism in the country.

In a meeting with a team led by Chief Minister of Madhesh Saroj Kumar Yadav at the Prime Minister’s residence, Baluwatar, Nepal, this morning, he said that the government has advanced the federalization bill but the final decision should be made by the parliament.

“Our joint initiative is necessary”, said Prime Minister Dahal.

Stating that was the Maoist party under his leadership who fought for federalism, he said, “I am working constantly to formulate federal laws on time.”

Prime Minister Dahal said all leaders should work in their respective party to ensure full implementation of federalism.

During the discussion, the representative of Madhes government drew the government’s attention towards formulating federal laws as per the provision in the Constitution.

They said that since the ultimatum of one month for the federal government to complete the adjustment of the Civil Service Act and the Provincial Police has passed, they are now forced to wage a struggle.

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