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PM Dahal roots for unity among revolutionary communists for welfare of country, people

Kathmandu, March 4: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has pressed for unity among the revolutionary communists for the interests of the country and people.

He emphasized on this while addressing an interaction on ‘peace process, republic and today’s politics’ organized by the Sahid Pratisthan Nepal here today.
Stating that unity and collaboration among the revolutionary forces was necessary even for fulfilling the martyrs’ dreams, he stressed on the need for them to come to a single place for that purpose.

Also the Chairperson of the CPN (Maoist Centre), PM Dahal said initiatives are on for a broader communist unity and not only for the Socialist Front to fulfill the martyrs’ dreams.

Describing the Maoist as a rushing river and not a static pond in terms of ideology and practice, he said,” The Maoist cannot remain in status quo, enjoying the continuation of the old. Maoist is a breed that creates newer circumstances. There has been a break in the continuity on the last day of the Martyr’s Week.”

The Prime Minister said that today was a special day. “It also became a day with new upheaval. This is a big thing. The situation is such that revolutionaries are going to be one and initiatives are also on for forging a broader communist unity,” he added.

He shared that although attempts were made to finish them off by encircling them, they have tore that apart and moved ahead.

The PM stated that the martyrs of the People’s War have been declared as national martyrs under his own leadership and expressed the commitment to soon declare the remaining martyrs as so. He declared on the occasion that the remaining tasks of the peace process would be concluded and topics as reparation, employment and other benefits to the families of the martyrs and the disappeared persons would also be addressed.

Stressing that Nepal needed to move ahead adopting what he called a scientific and balanced geopolitical foreign policy, PM Dahal said attention should be paid to that end. He also made it clear that he would carry out works becoming responsible to the nation and the people.

Nepal Communist Party General Secretary Netra Bikram Chand said the federal democratic republic was established on the foundation of the People’s War and the People’s Movement, pointing out the need of waging a struggle against the tendency of negating the People’s War.

He added that they were ready to take up new responsibility with the goal of making the country prosperous.

Central Executive Member of Nepal Samajbadi Party Janak Shah and spokesman of the Revolutionary Communist Party Nepal, Dharmendra Bastola, among other leaders spoke on the need of fulfilling the martyrs’ dreams at the programme presided over by Dharmashila Chapagai, Chairperson of the Sahid Pratisthan.
The CPN (Maoist Centre) and other Maoist factions have been observing Fagun 14 to 21 of the Nepali calendar as the Martyr’s Week. RSS #nepal

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