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Power-centric politics augments instability: Shekhar Koirala

NC leader Dr Shekhar Koirala (file photo)

Janakpur, June 15: Nepali Congress (NC) leader Dr Shekhar Koirala has asserted that power-centric politics has augmented instability in the country.

At a press conference organized here today by the Nepal Press Union Dhanusha, the frequent upside downs surfaced of late for attaining power has led the country’s politics to a critical mode.

He stressed the need for all political parties to avert tendency of creating instability in the country for power.

“Without political stability good governance would not be possible and without good governance economic development was not possible”, he claimed, lamenting on the situation of making and breaking the governments in the country time and again.

“Economic development and prosperity could not be attained whatever budget was unveiled in such situation”, leader Dr Koirala added.

A time has come for all democrats to think about stability, he stressed, adding there is a need to advance discussion for reforms in electoral system.

Likewise, he noted the unstable politics did not only obstruct development pace but also promote criminalization in politics and make state agencies role ineffective.

“Not only in cooperatives, there are several areas where authority is being misused. The agencies having legal authority for performance, including Election Commission, CIB, CIAA are also lagging behind in rightly discharging their roles.

The base of which is instability and criminalization in politics”.

On the same occasion, Dr Koirala welcomed Chairperson of Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) Madhes Province Rajesh Kumar Karna to the Nepal Press Union, a media trade union close to the Nepali Congress. #nepal

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