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Power supply to Shubha Shri Agni Cement cut off

Kathmandu, Dec 30: Nepal Electricity Authority Arghakhanchi Distribution Center has cut off the power supply to Shubha Shri Agni Cement Industry located in Shitganga Municipality.

The power supply line was disconnected from last night after the industry located in Jaluke of Shitganga Municipality-8 did not pay Rs. 470 million in tariff dues, Chief of NEA Arghakhanchi Branch Trilochan Bhattarai said.

The amount was due for using electricity through the dedicated line.

Earlier on Friday, NEA cut off power lines of Baba Jute Mill (Rs 5 crore 61 lakh), Nigale Cement (Rs. 14 crore 21 lakh), Triveni Synthetic Yarn Industries (Rs. 15 crore 66 lakh), Himal Iron and Steel (Rs. 8 crore 13 lakh), Jagadamba Enterprises (Rs. 47 crore 98 lakh), Hama Iron (Rs. 11 crore 55 lakh), Everest Paper Mill (Rs. 21 crore 36 lakh).

Similarly, Cosmos Cement (Rs. 35 crore 82 lakh), Shubha Shree Agni Cement (Rs 38 crore 10 lakh), Jagadamba Synthetic (Rs 47 crore 53 lakh), Gharana Foods (Rs 5 crore 90 lakh), Siddharth Petplast (Rs 5 crore 24 lakh) ), Butwal Cement (Rs. 32 crore 98 lakh), Narayani Steel (Rs. 78 crore 49 lakh) line has been cut.

Likewise, the Parasi Distribution Centre of NEA cut off electricity to Sarbottam Cement and Laxmi Steel. The NEA informed that Sarbottam has dues of Rs 8 crore 50 lakh while of Laxmi Steel Rs 6 crore 20 lakh.

According to the NEA, power supply to Jagdamba Steel, Reliance Spinning Mills, Ghorahi Cement and Arghakhanchi Cement industries have been cut off.

NEA sources say that Jagdamba alone has to pay tariff worth Rs. 4.14 billion. Similarly, Reliance has to pay Rs 1.09 billion, Ghorahi Cement has to pay Rs 1.36 billion and Arghakhanchi Cement owes Rs. 1.3 billion.

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