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Pre-election alliance pollutes politics: Gagan Thapa

Lalitpur, March 10: General Secretary of Nepali Congress Gagan Kumar Thapa has argued the pre-election alliance has polluted politics. The recent formation of ruling alliance is also a practice for pre-election alliance, he added.

General Secretary Thapa was speaking at a function organized on the 8th establishment day of Godawari municipality of Lalitpur on Sunday. “Currently, none of the parties has majority of votes in parliament, and if this system persists, same case will repeat. It results into political leaders taking hostage of parliament and government to fulfill their vested interests,” he reminded.

Thapa underlined the need of electoral system to prevent further worsening of politics.

Mixed electoral system is also polluted, and has been misused by political leaders to usurp power, he blamed.

As the system is wrong, it is taking huge toll on development. As the closest government to people, local level, needs to deliver public service effectively, he stressed.

On the occasion, Bagmati Province Assembly member Min Krishna Maharjan appreciated that Mayor of Godawari municipality had clear vision, goal and roadmap for development and prosperity.

Another member of Bagmati Province Assembly, Urmila Lama, viewed Godawari municipality had carried out significant activities in the sector of education, health, agriculture, infrastructure and tourism, thereby making robust foundation of federalism.

Another speaker Raghunath Maharjan, who is also a member of Bagmati Province Assembly, urged the municipality to pay heed to human and social developments.

On the occasion, Chief of District Coordination Committee, Rishi Dev Phunyal, complained that the federal and province governments had failed to allocate the budget as per local levels’ need.

Mayor Gajendra Maharjan and Deputy Mayor Muna Adhikari said they would carry out responsibilities by taking into account the suggestions from all sides. They added that they were forwarding development works despite limited resources. #Nepal

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