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President appoints CPN (UML) leader KP Sharma Oli as Prime Minister

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli addressing in the House of Representatives on Monday, May 10, 2021. (Photo: ET)

KATHMANDU: The CPN (UML) Parliamentary Party leader KP Sharma Oli has been appointed Prime Minister. President Bidya Devi Bhandari has appointed Oli, the leader of the largest parliamentary party in parliament, as Prime Minister in accordance with Article 76 (3) of the Constitution.

According to sources in the President’s Office, the swearing-in ceremony will be held on Friday afternoon.

After Prime Minister Oli failed to win the confidence of the parliament on May 10, the President called for the formation of a government with the support of two or more parties within three days as per Article 76 (2) of the Constitution.

The Nepali Congress and the CPN (Maoist Centre), which have been trying to form an alternative government, have failed to secure a majority. The Janata SamajBadi Party (JSP)’s Mahantha Thakur-Rajendra Mahato faction did not support the formation of a new government, while the UML’s Madhav Kumar Nepal faction did not resign to form an alternative government.

Opposition parties failed to show majority, paving KP Sharma Oli to form next minority government

The Congress-Maoist alliance did not make any demands for a government as it did not get a majority.

After that, the President has given the opportunity to the largest party in the parliament to form the government as per 76 (3). Prime Minister Oli have to prove a vote of confidence within 30 days, otherwise there will be an attempt to form a government in accordance with Article 76 (5). If that fails, the country will move towards mid-term elections.

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