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President Paudel insists on roles of local government to address citizens’ needs

Banepa, March 10: President Ramchandra Paudel has said the goals envisaged by the Constitution and democracy are achievable provided that State’s facilities are delivered in a smooth and effective way.

In his address to the seventh establishment of Mandan Deupur municipality today, the President stressed that local bodies should work in a dedicated manner to serve in the best interests of the citizens, making development endeavors result-oriented.

Citizens’ concerns for development, infrastructure development, agriculture, education, roadways facilities, drinking water, sanitation and electricity be addressed, according to the President. Though the roles of three-tier government are vital to addressing these needs of citizens, the role of local governments is more vital, he added.

Agriculture, tourism and energy are bases for the development of our nation and these areas should be properly recognized, he asserted.

Reminding the visions of the establishment of a federal democratic republic system, the President said ‘self-governing’ and ‘self-rule’ were in the centre while implementing this concept.

On the occasion, a newly constructed building of the Mandan Deupur municipality was inaugurated. #Nepal

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