•      Wed Dec 6 2023

President Paudel offers special worship at Nawadurga Temple

President Ram Chandra Paudel performing pooja of Durga goddess in Bhaktapur, 2023.

Bhaktapur, Oct 28: President Ram Chandra Paudel has offered special workshop in the Bhaktapur-based Nawadurga Temple, and received Teeka and Prasad on the occasion of the Kojagrat Poornima, the concluding day of Bada Dashain festival, on Saturday.

President Paudel accompanied by first lady, Sabita Paudel, paid homage and offered prayers to the Goddess Nawadurga. The President conducted a special pooja by offering 84 varieties to the Goddess Nawadurga.

Also on the occasion, he observed the Nawadurga dance.

Temple’s priest Ramesh Karmacharya had facilitated President Pauidel for resolution worship and prayers.

Likewise, main priest of the Nawadurga Temple Krishna Kumar Banmala, and assistant priests Bhaila Bahadur Banmala and Indra Bahadur Banmala offered Prasad to the President.

President Paudel also observed the statues of Nawadurga Devgans and other deities’ idols at the temple premises.

As there has been a tradition for the Head-of-the-State to offer worships to the Goddess Nawadurga since long past, the President conducted special pooja at the temple this year as well.

President Paudel was greeted by Bagmati Province Livestock Minster Dr Rajendraman Shrestha, Bagmati province member duo, Kiran Thapa and Suresh Shrestha, Chief District Officer Roshani Kumari Shrestha, Assistant Chief District Officer Dolendra Niraula and Chief of Guthi Sansthan Office Bhaktapur Khima Wali.

Though offering of worships to the Goddess Nawadurga dated back to the Malla-era Kings, the time-honoured tradition came to a halt later.

In the aftermath of 2045 BS earthquake, some 35 years back, the then Head of the State had continued the tradition with a belief to protect the country and the people from natural calamities, advisor to the temple management committee, Narayan Prasad Banmala said. RSS