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President Paudel performs consecration at Swoyambhu Mahachaitya

Kathmandu, March 18: President Ramchandra Paudel performed the consecration ritual of the pinnacle of the Swoyambhu Mahachaitya temple today.

The Head-of-State performed worship of the Chaitya as per the religious tradition amid a programme organised today by the Swoyambhu Management and Conservation General Committee.

Committee office-bearers and employees welcomed the President at the site on the occasion.

The pinnacle of the Chaitya temple was damaged by a storm on March 14, 2023. Situated at Kathmandu Metropolitan City-15, the Swoyambhunath Stupa complex is enlisted as a World Heritage Site.

The Mahachaitya has been renovated at a cost of approximately Rs 5 million. The Chaitya that has been restored is about 106 metres tall. The renovation was carried out after a technical team comprising of the Department of Archaeology and the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, the District Administration Office and the Guthi Sansthan made a detailed study of the structure.

Committee Chair Bhikkhu Dharmamurti Mahasthaveer gave a briefing on the conservation activities carried out in the Swoyambhunath world heritage site.

On the occasion, President Paudel honoured General Committee Chair Bhikkhu Dharmamurti, General Secretary Ashok Bajracharya, among others.

General Committee administrative officer Deependra Vaidya informed that Swoyambhunath Chaitya is a sacred site for the Buddhists of all sects including Hinayana and Mahayana. They perform various religious activities at the site.
Both domestic and foreign tourists come for a visit to this pace. The Anantapur and Pratappur temples close to the Chaitya we also renovated some years back.

In Sanskrit, the word Swoyambhu means the land that came into being by itself. The faithful believe that the Vipassvi Buddha had visited the place and performed certain rituals.

Several religious activities are organized at the site wishing for world peace and human wellbeing. #Nepal

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