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President Paudel stresses on implementation of State’s directive principles

President Ram Chandra Paudel (left).

Kathmandu, April 3: President Ramchandra Paudel has stressed on the effective implementation of the State’s directive principles, policies and obligations.

Advancement towards the establishment of durable peace, good governance, social justice, and an equitable society, advancing towards development and economic prosperity as envisaged by the Constitution is possible only through the effective enforcement of the State’s principles and policies, according to the Head-of-the-State.

The President expressed his hope that the government would remain further active for the same.

While receiving an annual report relating to the implementation of the State’s directive principles, policies, and obligations for the fiscal year 2079-80 BS (2022-230) from Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’, the President sought the government’s initiative towards that end.

An annual report regarding the implementation of Good Governance (Operation and Management) Act was also submitted to the President on the occasion.

The Part-4 of the Constitution has featured the principles, policies and obligations of the State as guiding principles for the governance of the State. Such principles and policies have set a foundation for the meaningful exercise of the rights of the citizens. #Nepal

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