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President Paudel suggests developing Jitgadhi as a greater tourism hub

Butwal, Jan 5: President Ramchandra Paudel has stressed the need to develop Jitgadhi as a tourism hub of greater Butwal.

He emphasized on connecting the areas of historical, archeological, religious and cultural importance around Jitgadhi in a circuit as it is an important historical center of Nepali bravery.

At a programme organized by the Nepal Army to hand over the historical Jitgadhi fort located at Butwal submetropolis-1 on Friday, President Paudel said Jitgahdi could contribute to the country’s tourism development if it was connected with Sahasradhara, Laxminagar and Hitpark through the Palace of Manimukundasen, Nuwakotgadhi and Ramapithekash area.

Saying that Jitgadhi is a spectacular place of national integrity and identity, President Paudel expressed happiness over the advancement of a plan to develop Jitgadhi as a tourism center.

He expressed pleasure for the Nepal Army working in tandem with the three-tiers of government as per the master plan of Jitgadhi reconstruction.

The Head of the State underlined the need to undertake research and study on Nepal-British war in Jitgahdhi fort and promote it as a tourism center.

He urged Butwal sub-metropolis, province and federal governments to pay attention to the preservation and promotion of such places having historical and strategic importance.

The Nepal Army has been safeguarding the country’s independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and national unity, he mentioned. “Nepal Army has been protecting the country and the people, conserving the nature, building the nation, managing disasters and helping citizens in need”, the President noted.

President Paudel extended his best wishes that may the aspirations of the people’s representatives towards developing Butwal as an economic hub and making a grand city integrating Butwal and other towns be fulfilled.

President Paudel also expressed his expectations that Butwal sub-metropolis would preserve the fort once handed over to them after reconstruction.

On the occasion, Chief of Army Staff Prabhuram Sharma handed over the key of the Jitgadhi fort to Butwal Mayor Khelraj Pandey.

Chief Minister of the Lumbini Province, Dilli Bahadur Chaudhary also underscored the need to integrate Jitgadhi and surrounding areas so as to develop a greater tourism hub.

Also speaking on the occasion, Mayor Pandey demanded announcing Ujir Singh Thapa as a national luminary and erecting his statue recognizing the historical contributions. He also demanded issuance of a postal ticket with his full body size photo and image of historical Jitgadhi. #Nepal

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