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President, Vice President, Prime Minister extend best wishes on Gyalpo Lhosar

President Ram Chandra Paudel (left) and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ (file photo)

Kathmandu, March 11: President Ram Chandra Paudel has extended best wishes to all Nepali sisters and brothers living in the country and abroad on the occasion of Gyalpo Lhosar, a festival celebrated by the Sherpa community, today.

Giving a best wishes message, President Paudel said Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-lingual country. It is also rich in geographical diversity. The festival as Lhosar enhances socio-cultural harmony, tolerance, good will and fraternity, which ultimately cements national unity, President Paudel reminded.

The Mahayan Buddhist sect living in mountainous region of Nepal celebrates the Gyalpo Lhosar. Various programmes are organized to celebrate the festival which is also the New Year of this community.

The President wished the festival inspired all to work for nation building.

Similarly, Vice President Ramsahay Prasad Yadav has expressed belief that Gyalpo Lhosar-2151 celebrated by the Sherpa community will foster unity, friendship and harmony among all Nepalis.

In the festival greetings, Vice President Yadav wished peace, prosperity and happiness to all Nepali sisters and brothers living in the country and abroad on this occasion. The festival would enrich cultural and lingual diversity in the country, Yadav added.

The Vice President further reminded that the Gyalpo Lhosar is not only the festival to share happiness and greetings but to remind present generation the value of tradition and culture.

PM Dahal wishes for Gyalbo Lhosar

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said strengthening of the democratic republic, federalism, secularism and social justice was the key task of the present time.

In a message on the occasion of national festival Gyalbo Lhosar today, the PM Dahal said achieving the goal of national independence, good-governance, social justice and prosperity by strengthening internal unity was our national duty.

In his message, the PM has expressed his good wishes to all sisters and brothers including the Sherpa community at home and abroad on the occasion of this festival.

The PM has expressed the confidence that this festival would further strengthen internal nationality, mutual goodwill, tolerance, cooperation and unity.

The Sherpa community in the country marks this festival with a great joy as its New Year.

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