•      Sat Jul 20 2024

Prices of 113 companies fell as NEPSE fell by one point

KATHMANDU: On Thursday the stock market did not see much movement.

The NEPSE index, which measures sharp fluctuations throughout the day, declined by only one point at the close. Of the 13 sub-indices traded on NEPSE, 7 sub-indices have declined and 6 sub-indices have increased.

The largest increase was in development banks by 2.04 percent, while the most ‘other’ group declined by 1.19 percent. Share prices of many companies have gained compared to Wednesday.

Of the 219 companies traded, the share price of 113 companies decreased while the share price of 93 companies increased. Of the traded companies, the share prices of the remaining 11 companies remained stable.

On Tuesday, the Security Board of Nepal (SEBON) listed 51 companies and said that the share price of these companies has increased unnaturally. The epicenter was reported below the ground, however; no tsunami alert was issued. The transaction amount has also slowed down. The transaction amount could not reach Rs 11 billion on Thursday.

Khanikhola Hydropower Company topped the list of highest earners on Thursday. The company’s share price rose by Rs 21. After that, development banks, finance, insurance have also been seen in the top spot of many earners.

Kalika Power Company is seen in the top 10 after the top 10 earners. Its share price has risen by Rs 19 on Thursday. A total of 2 hydropower companies are seen in the top 10 earning the most. However, the top spot for many losers is also occupied by hydropower.

CEDB Hydropower Development Company is at the top of the list of losers. Its share price has dropped the most, i.e. Rs 48. The price of Chyangdi Hydropower dropped by Rs 16 to Rs 18 while Ngadi Power dropped by Rs 18.

Similarly, Mountain Energy has lost a lot in the fourth position and Himalayan Power Partner has lost a lot in the fifth position. Himalayan Power Partner’s share price has declined by Rs 12 while Mountain has declined by Rs 32.

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