•      Thu Jul 25 2024

Projects of less than Rs 30 million to province and local level: PM Dahal

Kathmandu, Feb 24: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said the federal government would not handle projects worth less than Rs 30 million.

During the CPN (Maoist Centre) parliamentary party meeting held at Singha Durbar this morning, he shared that emphasis has been laid on fiscal handover to strengthen federalism.

“The federation will keep projects with strategic importance. Province and local levels will run projects that are worth less than Rs 30 million.

Furthermore, authority of project selection will be given to provinces and local levels”, mentioned PM Dahal.

He stressed that the trend of accumulating budget on different headings that cannot be spent while lacking budget for essential projects should be stopped, adding the government would take possible measures to complete the under-construction projects.

Prime Minister Dahal added he has already received a report related to Balkumari incident and is studying it. “Necessary decision will be taken after studying the report of Balkumari incident. The government decided to carryout investigation after forming a commission.

The report is in process of study. It is under the jurisdiction of the government. The opposition should follow a political culture,” he underlined.

Also on the occasion, PM Dahal urged the lawmakers to help pass the bills as the government would table bills in the parliament after the next cabinet meeting. #Nepal

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