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Proposed SC judges admit justice is delayed, costly

Supreme Court of Nepal
Supreme Court of Nepal (file photo)

Kathmandu, Dec 17: The proposed judges for Supreme Court (SC) of Nepal have admitted that justice is delayed and costly.

While facing parliamentary hearing on Sunday, proposed SC judges Mahesh Sharma Paudel and Tek Prasad Dhungana, however, vowed consolidation of constitutional morality and its protection, review of court jurisdiction, formulation of 5th strategic plan and effectiveness of enforcement.

Paudel and Dhungana appeared before the parliamentary hearing committee meeting and furnished their action plans for good governance at SC.

They further presented their plans for development and expansion of guideline on determination of punishment, increase in citizen’s access to justice, objective analyses of judiciary etc.

The committee has already conducted hearing for proposed SC judges Saranga Subedi and Abdul Ajij Musalman, while next meeting of parliamentary committee is to hear from Sunil Kumar Pokharel and Balkrishna Dhakal.

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