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Proposed Supreme Court judges vow to up dignity of judiciary

Kathmandu, Dec 18: The proposed judges for Supreme Court (SC) of Nepal have promised to work to uplift the dignity of the judiciary.

While facing the parliamentary hearing on Monday, proposed SC judges Sunil Kumar Pokharel and Bal Krishna Dhakal vowed to promote public aspirations and trust as well as ensure public access to the judiciary.

Pokharel and Dhakal appeared before the parliamentary hearing committee meeting and shared their action plans for upholding the dignity of the judiciary by utilizing their past experiences.

On the occasion, Pokharel said he will abide by Nepal’s constitution, laws, jurisprudence, precedents and the best practices of the SC and Nepal’s commitments made in the international forums for the assurance of the citizens’ fundamental rights.

Likewise, Dhakal said he would expedite the justice delivery mechanisms and bring about reforms in the case management system.

The committee has already conducted hearing for proposed SC judges Saranga Subedi, Abdul Ajij Musalman, Tek Prasad Dhungana and Mahesh Sharma Poudel.

With this the parliamentary hearing of the proposed justices has come to an end and the Committee shall decide on their approval by sitting a meeting on Wednesday.

In Monday’s hearing, lawmakers asked about the declining public faith on the judiciary and the proposed justices’ plans of actions.

MPs Padam Giri, Devendra Dahal, Ishwari Neupane, Jiban Pariyar, Janardan Sharma, Mahesh Kumar Bartaula and others put forth their concerns on such issues.

Responding to the queries of the lawmakers, Pokharel said, “Whether they get justice or not. It is a matter (perception) of the concerned sides. I won’t let happen injustice,” Pokharel claimed.

Pokharel also said that the parliament should pay attention while making laws on the questions of costly judiciary.

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