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Prosperity possible thru collective efforts: CM Karki

Chief Minister of Koshi Province Kedar Karki. (file)

Biratnagar, Dec 19: Chief Minister of Koshi Province, Kedar Karki, has said collective efforts would help create jobs and foster entrepreneurship so that economic development could be realized.

Releasing a book on ‘economic and commercial outlook of Khosi Province-2023’ published by FNCCI Koshi Province here Monday, CM Karki viewed once there is harmony between the investments made by the public and private sectors, available resources would be used optimally. It finally results into economic development and prosperity, he underscored.

According to him, province government is ready to create investment friendly atmosphere by identifying the areas of competitive advantages to increase domestic and foreign investments. He however sought utmost coordination and collaboration between private and public sectors.

Moreover, the CM shared that the government was for advancing activities that create foundations for economic progress and prosperity.

It is imperative to have data on economic situation and its potentials so that evidence-based plans are possible, he reminded. He hoped that the data generated by FNCCI Province chapter would be useful to formulate economic plans and projects in the province.

On the occasion, Koshi Province chapter chair of FNCCI, Rajendra Raut, informed that the data prepared by FNCCI on province’s industry, trade and tourism will be very helpful to the government and entrepreneurs as well.

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