•      Sat Jul 13 2024

Protect Chure to save lives in Tarai Madhes: Ex-President Yadav

Former President of Nepal Dr Ram Baran Yadav (file)

Janakpur, Dec 16: Former President Dr Rambaran Yadav has said that if the Chure area is not protected on time life in the Tarai Madhes will fall into a crisis.

Speaking at a cricket match held to exert pressure on the President Chure protection campaign, the former President drew attention to the fact that the underground water level in Madhes, which is a Chure water reservoir, has depleted and urged the government to become more sensitive to the preservation of the area in order to avoid further worsening of the situation.

“If water, forest and land are not protected, human life cannot be protected. Therefore, I would like to appeal to all concerned to be sensitive to the protection and preservation of of natural resources, including Chure region”, he said.

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