•      Fri Dec 1 2023

Province, local levels will be entrusted with all rights: PM Dahal

Tanahu, Nov 17: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has expressed commitment to entrust the province and local-levels with all rights envisioned by the constitution.

Inaugurating the Aanbukhaireni Hospital constructed at Aanbukhaireni-3 in Tanahu district today, Prime Minister Dahal mentioned that it will be proved that the federalism is in favour of the people.

He further said a process to institutionalize constitution is underway. PM Dahal shared, “I claim that I have understood more about the federalism than others. I am actively involving to strengthen federalism.”

Stating that police adjustment act, civil service act and education act were necessary to strengthen province government, Prime Minister Dahal shared, Province governments will be strong only if these acts are brought into implementation.”

The importance of the province cannot be explained if the people cannot be made feel about the presence of province government, he said.

Sharing that he has been holding discussion with police and home ministry for the past three-four days, the PM claimed that police adjustment act would be introduced within few days.

The government was committed about health and education, assuring the people that they feel Singha Durbar (government) is at their door steps.

Similarly, Member of House of Representatives of Tanahu-1 and 2, Dr Swarnim Wagle, and Shankar Bhandari, among others said Aanbukhaireni is moving ahead in the campaign of development.

The hospital was inaugurated after one year of its operation. Aanbukhaireni rural municipality had upgraded a health post into a hospital and it started providing services as a hospital since November 17, 2022. The hospital provides different services including emergency, lab, x-ray, video x-ray, ECG and pharmacy.

An arrangement of a senior doctor and two medical officers has been made in the hospital, said Chairperson of Aanbukhaireni rural municipality, Shukra Chuman.

Medical Superintendent of the hospital, Dr DB Chhetri, shared that an x-ray machine has been installed provided by GP Koirala Respiratory Treatment Centre, Dulegauda. Earlier, locals of this area were compelled to go to Bharatpur of neighbouring district, Chitwan, or other places to get the x-ray service.

With the facility of x-ray service in the hospital, people of some local levels of Gorkha district would also be benefitted from x-ray service, added Chuman.

He mentioned, “We are carrying out activities to expand other services. We are going to launch dialysis service in near future. The hospital will start surgery service from coming fiscal year.”

The rural municipality has put upgrading of Aanbukhaireni hospital in priority. Initiatives were underway to upgrade the hospital to 100-bed hospital as 100-bed hospital was necessary to provide health services to the people of Tanahu and its neighbouring districts, he shared.