•      Sat Jul 13 2024

Radio collar attached to elephant named Dhrube

Chitwan, Dec 11: Chitwan National Park has installed a radio collar on the wild elephant named as ‘Dhrube’. The information officer of the park Ganesh Prasad Tiwari said that the elephant was darted in the grassland of the Sukhibhar area of the park Monday afternoon and fitted with a radio collar.

A radio collar has been attached to the elephant’s neck. He said that with the installation of radio collar, it will be easier for the park officials to monitor the activities of elephant.

After installing the radio collar, it will be easy to inform the local communities about the elephant. Before fitting the radio collar, Dhrube’s long teeth was also cut.  After the Dhrube elephants, which have been quiet for the past few years, started entering human settlements since Tihar festival, the park has darted and installed radio collars.

A technical team of National Nature Conservation Trust, five elephants were mobilized under the leadership of Dr. Bijay Kumar Shrestha, Senior Veterinarian of the park for the installation of radio collars. Tiwari said that this elephant has been entering the slums, destroying houses and destroying stored food.

The Dhrube elephant was one of the most danger to local people as it was killing several people.

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