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Ramesh Lekhak lambastes government for not being accountable to Parliament

Ramesh Lekhak

Kathmandu, July 9: Nepali Congress Chief Whip Ramesh Lekhak has called on the government to inform the Parliament about the loss of lives and property due to the relentless rains in various parts of the country.

Speaking during the ‘urgent time’ in the meeting of the House of Representatives (HoR) today, he said till date 74 people have died, six have gone missing and 86 have sustained injuries while physical losses worth millions have resulted due to the incidents of landslide, flooding and inundation throughout the country.

He said he had to report to the House about the losses caused by landslide, floods and inundation after reading newspapers, expressing dismay that the government failed to inform the Parliament on this topic. Lekhak added that it is regrettable the government has not informed the Parliament about the losses caused by the monsoon-triggered disasters.

“The government is preparing to take the vote of confidence. Let the government take full 30 days for this, there is no objection on this. But the government should be accountable to the Parliament as long as it exists,” he said.

The NC Chief Whip urged the government to promptly provide relief support to the flood-affected people and get down to rehabilitation works. He drew the attention of the government, saying people displaced by flood, landslides and inundation are compelled to live in the open in various districts, including in Kanchanpur. Lekhak called for providing immediate assistance to the disaster-affected.

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