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RSP in critical phase. Who will be next General Secretary?

Kathmandu, July 9: The Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) Central Committee meeting of is being held today to discuss the selection of new General Secretary. After it was confirmed that Dr Mukul Dhakal would be prosecuted, the preparations for the appointment of a new General Secretary were started.

According to party sources, preparations have been made to elect a new general secretary and spokesperson.

The most powerful position after the Chairman in the RSP is the General Secretary. The General Secretary plays an important role in party policy making, responsibility sharing and organizational work. Dr. Dhakal was playing the dual role of General Secretary and Spokesperson since its inception. However, the party has now suspended him on charges of breach of discipline.

Today’s meeting is likely to relieve Dhakal. For this, the party’s disciplinary commission has submitted a report to the leadership. The central committee has the right to take action according to the recommendations made in the said report or to go beyond it.

After Dhakal was suspended, the responsibility of acting General Secretary was given to joint General Secretary Kabindra Burlakoti and the responsibility of acting spokesperson was given to Manish Jha. Since Dhakal’s post will not be reinstated, preparations have been made to select a permanent General  Secretary. Although the President has the authority to select the General Secretary, President Rabi Lamichhane said that the decision will be made by the Central Committee.

Along with this, four people have expressed their aspirations for the position of General Secretary in the RSP. Santosh Pariyar have been lobbying hard to get this post. He is the member of parliament and chief whip of RSP. It is understood that he is ready to give up the Chief Whip if he gets the General Secretary. As he belongs to the Dalit community, he insists that he should become the Chief Secretary to spread the message of inclusiveness.

The current Acting Spokesperson Manish Jha has also expressed his desire to become the Chief Minister. It is said that like Pariyar, he also presented his claim saying that there will be caste inclusiveness.

Similarly, Kathmandu area no. 2’s MP Sovita Gautam’s name is also in discussion for the future General Secretary. He is playing an active role in Parliament and Parliamentary Committees. Logical ability, legal knowledge and intelligence are his strengths. He does not have much experience in organizational responsibility.

Another aspirant for the post of General Secretary is Kabindra Burlakoti. Currently, his ambitions have increased after being given an acting role. Although Burlakoti is playing an important role in the party, he is failing in performance. He is also the head of the organization department, but is not very popular in the organization.

Apart from Burlakoti, Sumana Shrestha and Bipin Acharya are also joint general Secretary in the RSP. In terms of position, they are also seen as contenders for the position of General Secretary. However, both of them have not shown aspirations.

Party sources say that Rabi himself was furious over the activities of Dr Mukul and he was throwing the ball towards central committee.

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