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RSP will remain out of government when fails to deliver-Home Minister Lamichhane

Fikkal (Ilam), March 30: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Rabi Lamichhane said they had participated in the government for delivery.

He clarified the party will quit the government when it fails to deliver.

Addressing the party’s candidate announcement programme for the Ilam-2 by-election at Ilam Chowkbazaar on Saturday, DPM Lamichhane, also the President of Rastriya Swatantra Party (RASWPA) noted, “Common people also have the feeling that better the party would not have joined the government. But we joined the government to make maximum efforts for public service delivery. we have already shown some signs.”

He claimed after participating in the government, improvements in good governance and service delivery have started as expected by the public.
DPM Lamichhane said, “Now we will gradually open all corruption files, then people will see our work, but wait a little while.” He mentioned that his party has been continuously working in favour of the people whether that be in the government or in the opposition.

Highlighting the election, he urged the locals to send one more Member of Parliament from Ilam district.

Youth and Sports Minister Birajbhakta Shrestha, Vice president Dr Swarnim Wagle, Dr Tosima Karki, party’s deputy general secretary Kavindra Burlakoti, leader Ramesh Prasai addressed the programme.

The party has announced Milan Limbu as a candidate for the by-election of the House of Representatives (HoR) to be held in Ilam-2.
On the occasion, President Lamichhane announced the name of the candidate for the by election by ringing a bell. RSS #nepal

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