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School textbooks to be supplied before students’ enrolment

Bhaktapur, March 15: The Janak Education Materials Centre Limited is preparing to supply school textbooks across the country before the start of the academic year 2081 BS.

For this to materialize, the Centre is completing the printing of school textbook by March 28. The Centre then plans to distribute the school textbooks from nine distribution centres of all seven provinces from March 29.

Managing Director of Centre, Anil Kumar Jha, said that the Centre has completed printing of 95 percent of the total textbooks from grade 5 to 10. “Printing of remaining textbooks will be completed and we will start distribution from March 28 itself. Entire set of the textbooks of all classes will reach at students’ hands till the start of the academic year,” Jha stated.

Currently, the Centre is printing 100,000 pieces of textbook on a daily basis by running its printing press round the clock. The Centre is to print 17.5 million pieces of the school textbooks for the new academic session.

According to Jha, the Centre is committed to completing the printing of remaining 1.8 million pieces of the school textbooks within two weeks and ensure timely distribution.

For the distribution bid, first priority will be given to the districts of the mountain region and then to the hilly districts.

There will be no shortage of the school textbooks this year too like that of the previous year, Jha shared. #Nepal

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