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Senior citizens’ knowledge and experience to be utilized: PM Dahal

Kathmandu, Dec 27: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ asserted that the incumbent government was effortful to create an enabling environment by utilizing the wealth of knowledge, skills, experience and wisdom of the senior citizens that could be guidelines for running the State affairs.

PM Dahal, in a message of best wishes on the third National Senior Citizens Day today, shared that the government has created a system wherein the moral ideals of the senior citizens could be handed over to the new generation.

Furthermore, Dahal shared that the government has acknowledged the society and nation as the continuation of the good cultures and as the inspiration of society-relative development.

According to PM Dahal, the State was working towards addressing the issues concerning the senior citizens so that they could live a dignified, healthy and happy life.

The Head of the Government spoke of the need for all the State mechanisms to be sensitive towards tackling the challenges mounting in management of the senior citizens’ population given the changes in the demographic structure of the country.

The PM, in the message, further said that the government was consistently working towards creating an environment where senior citizens would receive continuous support and assistance from their families and communities.

Stating that the government was also striving to provide proper care to single and helpless senior citizens, PM Dahal viewed that facilities, concessions and priorities in public services such as social security allowance, senior citizens health insurance, senior citizens shelters, daycare centres have been effective.

“I would like to assure you that such programmes targeted to the senior citizens would be expanded and further improved in the coming days,” assured the septuagenarian leader.

The slogan for the third National Senior Citizens Day is ‘Respect for Senior Citizens, Recognition of Our Civilizations.’

It may be noted that the National Senior Citizens Day is marked on the 11th day of the Nepali month of Poush every year in commemoration of the day wherein the State started distributing social security allowance to the senior citizens.

The erstwhile government implemented social security allowance to the senior citizens on this day in 2051 BS (December 26, 1994).

The PM, on the occasion, expressed that may this day inspire one and all to fulfill the national responsibility of integrating the efforts of the families, societies and country to ensure rights to the senior citizens and guarantee self-dignity for them.

Prime Minister Dahal extended his best wishes to all the senior citizens who dedicated the important life time for the greater good of society and country.

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