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Services at Chovar Dry Port after two years of completion

Trucks in Chobhar Dry Port
Trucks in Chobhar Dry Port (file)

Kathmandu, March 26: After two years of completion, the Chovar Dry Port in Kathmandu has begun services. Currently, two hundred cars are waiting for customs clearance.

Businessperson Bibhor Kumar Agrawal is visiting the dry port regularly for some days to proceed with the customs for cosmetic goods imported from Italy.

The custom clearance for new vehicles has begun at Chovar Dry Port after the agreement forged with NADA Automobiles Association. It has resulted in arrival of businesspersons seeking services here.

With no direct access to sea, Nepal has 14 dry ports, among which, Chovar Dry Port is the latest and modern facility. Most of the dry ports are constructed at borders- with China or with India.

The latest one is now close to the main market of the country.

The businesspersons are provided spaces in the dry port to store their imports. They can use the spaces as internal depots.

Godown, rack, and equipments to un/load consignments are provided in the dry port. Arrangement of CCTV, security persons, container management and bank service are other features to equip the customs clearance.

The dry port is spacious for as many as 500 containers.

Executive Director at Chovar Dry Port, Ashish Gajurel, said if it is to be operated in a full scale, environment should be created to bring the imports directly to this facility. Similarly, it can be used for final checks to exports as well. “It is however not possible at present because the imports are checked initially at border customs, including Birgjunj check point. Then they arrive here. It is therefore a hassle to ferry any consignment at this dry port and move to other places,” he explained.

Gajurel however informed that once the express way comes into operation, the exporters and importers would free of present hassles. #Nepal

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