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Single woman setting example on commercial organic farming

Bhojpur, June 15: A single woman of Nagi Ghoralung Charghare from Temkemaiyung rural municipality-4 in Bhojpur district is setting an example among farmers due to the success she achieved in the commercial organic vegetable farming.

Mayadevi Rai has done the commercial organic vegetable farming in two ropanis of land for two years. She registered a livestock and fishery farm and forayed into the commercial vegetable farming and livestock as well.

“I have been growing cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, tomato, capsicum among others at commercial scale,” shared the entrepreneurial woman, adding that she has been using compost in the cultivation.

The vegetables produced in her farm are being sold at local markets which earns her sufficient income to run the family.

“There is no problem in running a household for the devotion I have in the farming. I am planning to expand my organic farming and aspire to ensure annual proceeds of Rs 400,000 to Rs 500,000.” Earlier she had involved in teaching.

Organic farming has been earning her sustainable income, she admitted, adding that she was for expanding the business. But, she insists that one should consider farming commercially to reap financial benefits.

According to her, she has been advising her neighbours to consider commercial farming so that they would be able to manage food produces on their own, ending the trend of borrowing.

Although her current produces are being sold at local market, she is aware that her products would certainly face market problem once she expands her farming.

Thus, she emphasizes positive intervention from the local government for sustainable marketing of agro products. Rai further informed that 40 single women had formed a ‘Single Women Multipurpose Cooperatives’ and considered farming in the village. They are considering 14 tunnel farming through the Cooperatives.

However, lack of hybrid seeds appear be to a problem for the local farmers like Mayadevi. Given the tremendous potential of agriculture and tourism sectors, the local rural municipality was according a top priority to these sectors, said Ramdevi Rai, Vice-Chairperson of the Temkemaiyung rural municipality.

They had emphasized expansion of crops suitable for the soil in the rural municipality.

Necessary cooperation was put in place to the local farmers for bee-keeping, herbal plants, and citrus fruit farming among others, she said.

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