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Sislain appointed as World Bank country director for Nepal, Maldives and Sri Lanka

David Sislen

Kathmandu, June 17: World Bank has appointed David Sislen as Country Director for Nepal, Maldives and Sri Lanka. David will also perform the responsibility of the country director of Maldives and Sri Lanka through the sub-regional office of the World Bank in Kathmandu.

At the reception event upon his arrival, Finance Minister Barshaman Pun expressed his belief that the tenure of the new director David will be pleasant. Also, he expressed his confidence that David’s tenure would be successful for the continuation of the efforts started during the tenure of the outgoing country director Faris Hadad-Zervos and for further cooperation as well.

Finance Minister Pun said that he was happy to welcome David on the eve of the World Bank Group International Development Organization (IDA-21) meeting in Nepal starting from Tuesday. He mentioned that the relationship between Nepal and the World Bank has reached a higher level during the tenure of outgoing Country Director Faris.

Prior to this position, Sislain was the Practice Manager for Urban and Disaster Risk Management for Europe and Central Asia at the World Bank.

He holds Masters degrees in Economics and Geography from Johns Hopkins University and Macalester College (USA) and has worked extensively on issues of infrastructure, urban development, and decentralized service delivery in Europe, Latin America, Africa, and East Asia and the Pacific.

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