•      Sat Jul 20 2024

Six Nepali Congress ministers of Bagmati resign

Bagmati, March 6: Six ministers representing the Nepali Congress in the Bagmati province government have resigned. They submitted their resignation to Chief Minister Shalikram Jamakattel today.

Those tendering their resignation include Minister of Economic Affairs and Planning Bahadur Singh Lama, Minister of Industry, Commerce, Land Administration Ramkrishna Chitrakar, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Cooperatives Pukar Maharjan, Minister of Water Supply, Energy and Irrigation Tirtha Bahadur Lama, Minister of Health Uttam Joshi and Minister of Forest and Environment Masina Khadka.

The government led by CPN (Maoist Center) leader Shalikram Jamkattel was formed on December 20 last year with the support of five parties including the Nepali Congress. The resignation by the NC ministers comes in wake of a shuffle in federal power coalition.

Altogether seven parties are represented in the Bagmati province assembly. Nepali Congress is the largest party with 37 members while CPN (UML) is the second with 27 members. There are 21 provincial assembly members from CPN (Maoist Center), 13 from RPP, seven from CPN (Unified Socialist), three from Nepal Majdoor Kissan Party and two from Hamro Nepali Party.

The UML, Maoist Centre and Unified Socialist have a total of 55 members, which is not enough to form a government in the 110-member Bagmati province assembly. #Nepal

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