•      Tue Sep 27 2022

‘Smart switch’ manufactured in Chitwan

Chitwan: Youths have started manufacturing ‘digital smart switch’ in Chitwan.

Three electrical engineers who were graduated from Nawalpur Gaindakot-based Oxford College have come up with the innovative production of digital smart switch.

Deeban Dawadi, a member of the team, said technology has been developed in a way that the switch can be controlled by three ways. He said the smart switch can be operated and shut by touching it with finger, using remote and mobile application.

The young electrical engineers have developed the ‘design and software’ of the smart switch through Advanced Tech Industries.

The industry was established at Bharatpur-16, Mohanpur at the investment of Rs 100 million, informed Chairperson of the Industry, Sunik Kumar Yadav.

Now the industry has manufactured the digital smart board for house purpose but it would expand its production targeting business houses and complexes, he shared.

The industry now has the capacity to manufacture 2,500 pieces of digital smart switch board every day, Yadav informed, adding its capacity would be enhanced by adding human resources.