•      Sat Jul 13 2024

Spinal Trauma Center comes into operation in Birtamod

Birtamod, Jan 1: A trauma facility has been established in Biratmod which is reportedly being developed as a ‘hospital hub’ of late.

The 15-bed Spine X Super Specialty Hospital and Trauma Centre has come into operation at Bhagwanchowk of Birtamod-3.

Hospital proprietor and senior orthopedic specialist Dr Prem Bahadur Shahi claimed the facility being the country’s first specialized facility for spine injuries.

The preliminary investment of the hospital is Rs 300 million. The hospital management plans to extend it to a hundred-bed facility in year.

It said rate of orthopedic injuries is high during road accidents and it is challenging to save the lives in lack of prompt treatment.

Shahi pledged to provide quality services in an accessible way for the public. It offers services such as keyhole surgery, joint replacements, complex trauma surgery, bone biopsy, limbs re-plantation, and so on.

Prior to this, Birtamod has around a dozen of advanced hospitals including a cancer hospital operated by the private sector.

The emergence of such healthcare facilities provides viable alternatives for patients who, until a decade ago, were compelled to seek specialized treatments in India, it is said. #Nepal

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