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Stakeholders call for victim-friendly transitional justice

NHRC Nepal

Lalitpur, July 8: Stakeholders have emphasized that all concerned parties should unite to hold the government to account for victim-friendly transitional justice.

Speaking at a press conference held here Monday to release a report of the National Human Rights Commission on ‘National Human Rights Commission and Transitional Justice’, they said that the government should be held responsible for formulate laws that are victim-friendly and bring the perpetrators to justice.

On the occasion, Chairperson of National Human Rights Commission, Top Bahadur Magar, said that the government has not implemented the many recommendations the Commission made in relation to transitional justice. “The commission is of the opinion that the law should be passed so that the commissions formed to find out the truth and render justice can work properly,” said Magar.

Dean of Kathmandu University School of Law, Dr Rishikesh Wagle, said that the report published by the Commission will be an important reference for researchers as well. Saying that the commission should not only find out the truth but also have the right to take action, Dr. Wagle claimed that unless the commission is made responsible for finding out the truth, nothing will be achieved just by making the law better.

Head of TU, Central Department of Department, Dr Kundan Aryal, said that the focus should be on seeking the truth rather than compensation. “It is important that there is no general amnesty in case of human rights violations of a serious nature.”

Conflict victim Devi Khadka said that the due to the excessive politicization of the TRC Bill justice has not been delivered to the victims.

Advocate Sushila Choudhary said that the suggestion submitted by the commission regarding transitional justice is important in terms of constitutional matters while senior journalist Kanakamani Dixit expressed his belief that the report would contribute significantly to further progress of the transitional justice.

While informing about the contents of the report, Secretary of the commission, Murari Prasad Kharel, said that necessary recommendation have been made to the government while addressing the concerns of those involved and affected during the armed conflict, the actions to be taken in the absence of free and informed consent in the case of human rights violations, and the determination of punishment.

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