•      Fri Sep 29 2023

Stress on clear air for SDG

Kathmandu, Aug 17: Speakers at a programme have stressed on ensuring clear air and environment for achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs). Clear air is linked all other SDGs, they added.

During a talk programme organized by the Public Health Organization (Info) on ‘SDGs and Clear Air’ here Wednesday, Info Director Rajendra Shrestha viewed individual responsibility could help reduce environmental pollution created by human activities.

Environment activist Bhushan Tuladhar made presentation on SDGs, air pollution, air pollution as major cause of death in Nepal, effects of air pollution to health in children and infants, daily and monthly fluctuation of air pollution, five pillars of SDGs and others, mitigation measures on air pollution.

He underlined that a campaign should be launched by prioritizing the control of air pollution at home. On the occasion, Executive Director of SDG Network, Daya Sagar Shretha, viewed local level initiatives must be made more effective for achieving SDGs.