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Supreme Court issues order to release Dhimal and Khadka

Save the Nation Campaign convenor Durga Prasai (file)

Kathmandu, March 27: The Supreme Court (SC) has issued an order to immediately release two body guards of medical entrepreneur Durga Prasai from detention.

A divisional bench of Justice Nahakul Subedi and Sunil Kumar Pokharel on Tuesday ordered to release Prasain’s body guards, Ramkumar Dhimal and Deepak Khadka, who were held with weapons.

“As the prevailing law does not show that the act of carrying arms in accordance with the conditions of arms license is subject to an offence, the arrest of these petitioners by issuing necessary arrest warrants for the offence of Section 132 of the Criminal Code Procedures, 2074 BS and the extension of remand for investigation by the Kathmandu District Court has also appeared to be illegal”, the order states.

The apex court also ordered to revoke the necessary arrest warrant, detention warrant and extension order and letter given to the petitioner and release the petitioner from illegal detention today itself.

Nepal Police had arrested Dhimal and Khadka while they were trying to enter the Supreme Court on March 18. #Nepal

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