•      Tue Jul 23 2024

Surendra Raj Regmi has been appointed as the Senior DCEO of Global IME Bank

Kathmandu, Sept 19: Surendra Raj Regmi has been appointed as the Senior Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Global IME Bank, effective from September 18 by the Bank’s Board of Directors.

Previously, Regmi served as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer before his promotion to Senior Deputy Chief Executive Officer.
He has been associated with Global IME Bank for 15 years and possesses over three decades of banking experience.

Regmi’s journey with Global IME Bank began in 2065 BS when he joined as an Deputy Manager. He holds a master’s degree in Economics from Tribhuvan University and has completed an MBA from the University of Wales, London.

During his tenure at Global IME Bank, Regmi has contributed to various departments, including Risk Management and Compliance, Credit Control, Branch Operation, Credit Risk and CAD, SME and Retail Business.

He has held several corporate designations, including Risk Manager, Head Risk, Head Credit Control, Chief Credit Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Head Credit Risk and CAD, and Chief Business Officer.

Regmi is a highly regarded figure in the Nepalese Banking industry, known for his excellence in all aspects of banking.

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