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Suryadarshan Cooperative victim submitted memo to Parliament committee

Kathmandu, March 21: The victims of Suryadarshan Cooperative of Pokhara have submitted a memorandum to the Chairman of the State Management and Good Governance Committee, Ramhari Khatiwada on Thursday.

The coordinator of Suryadarshan Victims Struggle Committee, Kiran Shrestha and others submitted a memorandum to Chairman Khatiwada.

Coordinator Shrestha has also asked to facilitate arranging to return the savings of the affected depositors of Suryadarshan Savings and Credit Cooperative Limited. In the memorandum, it is mentioned that 18,700 people have been waiting to return their Rs 1.4 billion.

Gitendrababu (GB) Rai’s group, which opened cooperatives in major cities like Pokhara, Chitwan, Birganj, Bhairahawa, Nepalgunj and Kathmandu, has found details of embezzling more than 7.6 billion rupees from about 49,000 people.

The victims have already filed a case at the district police office last July. Based on the opinion report of the expert team of Pokhara metropolis, an arrest warrant was issued against 19 people including the cooperative’s director, accounting committee coordinator, member, accounting officer and loan officer. So far, only Vice Chairman Kailash Kumar Darlami, Treasurer Kumar Ramtel, Board Member Bhavishwar Aryal, Former Board Member Shiv Bahadur Gurung have been arrested.

In the report of the metropolis, it is mentioned that the funds of the cooperative were illegally invested in various firms in a planned manner, money was embezzled by setting up fake companies, and loans were invested with poor and unsecured firms. From Gorkha Media Network to Nature Herb and Nature Nest, the cooperative’s funds have been invested in the report.



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