•      Sun May 19 2024
Government vows for zero tolerance against corruption

Kathmandu, May 18: The civil administration will be made agile, result-oriented and professional by implementing Federal Civil Service Act soon. Provincial civil service and local service will be systematized. Service delivery will be made further smooth, accessible and easy by strengthening administrative functional interrelationship among three tiers of government. Government

Federal hospitals to be restructured on workload basis: Govt

According to 'policies and programmes' unveiled by the government, federal hospitals will be restructured on the basis of workload.

Govt to conduct objective study of demographic distribution

The government has said that the targeted programs will be launched by conducting an objective study of the demographic distribution

Per capita electricity consumption to be increased to 450 kwh

The government has said that within the upcoming fiscal year, total electricity connected to the national system will be increased

‘Laws, procedures and structures related to investment will be updated’

The government has said that the laws, procedures and structures related to industry and investment will be updated in order

Govt to review laws to make procurement more transparent, competitive,…

The government has said the procurement law will be reviewed to make the procurement system competitive, transparent and development-friendly.

‘Gradual improvement in economy through implementation of fiscal policy’

President Ram Chandra Paudel has said that the current government has moved forward with determination for improving the political, social

Government to undertake legal, policy intervention to address cooperative issues

The government has pledged to take necessary initiatives to address issues in the banking, financial institutes, microfinance, and cooperative sectors.

Congress to allow presentation of govt’s policies and programmes in…

The main opposition party, Nepali Congress (NC), is to allow the presentation of the government's policies and programmes for the

Govt informs Speaker about ongoing preparations on upcoming FY’s policy

The government has informed the Speaker, Devraj Ghimire, and major political parties' chief whips in parliament about the upcoming fiscal