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Three-tier collaboration vital for Chure conservation: PM Dahal

Siraha, June 16: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachada’ advocated for collaboration and cooperation among the three-tier government, local communities, and authorities in conserving the Chure region.

Speaking at a tree plantation program commemorating the 10th Chure Conservation Day, the Prime Minister said that the conservation of the Chure is a multifaceted issue connecting to the livelihoods of Tarai-Madhesh people. He stressed the necessity of combined efforts for its preservation.

Highlighting the need to implement the 20-year Chure Tarai-Madhesh Conservation and Management Master Plan endorsed in 2074 BS, with subsequent amendments, the Prime Minister said the need for a dedicated act on the Chure conservation has been realised and the government is coordinating towards that end.

He praised the successful tree transplantation programme, speaking of its positive impact on raising awareness about forest and wildlife conservation.

Around 10,000 hectares of open and abandoned land have been afforested with various plant species under the Rastrapati Chure Tarai-Madhes Conservation Development Committee, he added.

He applauded the Committee’s role in promoting greenery and maintaining ecosystem balance.

He urged all stakeholders, including local governments, to prioritize the conservation of newly planted trees, wishing that the Green Campaign would contribute to enhancing people’s livelihood in the Chure Tarai-Madhes region.

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