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Tilganga to operate cataract of one million people worldwide

MoU signed by Dr Sanduk Ruit and the Kohli Foundation representatives. (Photo: Sanduk Ruit)

KATHMANDU: The founder of Tilganga Eye Foundation, Dr Sanduk Ruit, in collaboration with British billionaire Tej Kohli, is working to eradicate blindness in more than 16 countries around the world. During a program held in Kathmandu on Tuesday, Dr Sanduk Ruit-Tej Kohli Foundation has been announced.

The foundation will work for the prevention of blindness in Nepal, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, North Korea, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Lebanon, Bhutan, Iraq, Ghana, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Syria and other countries.

“We need to make the services accessible to many people around the world,” Dr Ruit said.

British philanthropist billionaire Tej Kohli has also been working on a campaign to eradicate blindness.

In collaboration with Ruit, the goal is to serve one million people around the world who have been blinded by cataracts, Kohli said. “Reviving someone is like giving them a second life, which makes them financially capable, able to take care of the family,” Kohli said in a video message.

Mission four lakh

The foundation aims to cataract operation of four lakh people by 2026. In the first two years alone, 1.5 lakh cataract surgeries will be performed, the foundation said.

Under this program, 2,000 surgeries have been performed in Lumbini, Solukhumbu, Geta Eye Hospital, Dhangadhi, Ram Lal Golchha Eye Hospital, Biratnagar, Rapti Eye Hospital, Dang, Fattewal Eye Hospital, Banke, Janaki Eye Hospital, Janakpur and Surkhet Eye Hospital.

“We are committed to operating 30,000 patients a year in Nepal and 80,000 in South Asia, including India,” he said. Ruit said, “The goal of the foundation is to provide rejuvenation by treating millions of the poor.”

It also aims to end treatment discrimination between rich and poor. The program also aims to expand the network of permanent community hospitals by training local technicians wherever they operate.

Cataract is currently the leading cause of blindness in the world. Currently, 90 million people in the world have a problem with cataracts. Two-thirds of them live in poor countries without access to cataract surgery.

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