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Timely constitution amendment is necessary: Former President Yadav

Former President Dr Ram Baran Yadav (file)

Biratnagar, March 3: Former President Dr Ram Baran Yadav has underscored the need of timely amendment to the constitution.

Addressing a symposium entitled ‘Challenges of Implementation of the Constitution and Contemporary Politics’ organized by the Sushil Koirala Foundation here on Saturday marking the eighth memorial day of the late leader Sushil Koirala, Nepal’s first president said the late Koirala had played a significant role in issuing the present constitution.

“The role of then Prime Minister Koirala, an honest and principled politician, is important in the promulgation of the present constitution. He was a disciplined and dedicated leader,” the former President said of the late Koirala.

On the occasion, former Speaker Daman Nath Dhungana said the national needs have to be fulfilled through the implementation of the constitution and this responsibility has fallen on the shoulder of the Nepali Congress.

Recalling that many forces had tried to stop the present constitution from being issued at that time, the former Speaker said the constitution could be issued against all odds mainly due to the then Prime Minister Sushil Koirala’s successful leadership.

Former Minister Dilendra Prasad Badu reminisced that they were successful in incorporating topics like pluralism, periodic election and independent judiciary, among others in the constitution due to a long struggle and successful leadership.

He pointed out the need of timely amendment to the constitution, saying although the political system was changed through the constitution, the people’s condition did not.

Constituent Assembly member and former minister Romi Gauchan emphasized on the need of making timely amendment to the constitution to make it acceptable to all, arguing the main law of the land is a document of consensus.

Stating that the late Koirala was an honest leader, he said the late Koirala played a leading role for the promulgation of the present constitution.

Political analyst Prof Krishna Hachhethu opined that the constitution could be promulgated, thanks to the farsightedness of the late Koirala. Hachhethu also called for timely amendments to the constitution to make it dynamic.

Foundation Chairperson Mridula Koirala said the late Sushil Koirala had played a leading role in the struggle for democracy and he became successful in promulgating the constitution by bringing the political party leaders to consensus. #Nepal

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